Let’s take care of ourselves

img_6426I’m getting caught in the news cycle.  It’s been vicious and my sanity is bordering on nuclear reactor level meltdown.  I check many of the boxes for this targeted hatemongering.  My old wounds are reappearing after Friday’s revelations.  I have to stop.  The anger in me is leading to hatred and the hatred could lead to regrettable actions.  Are you feeling it too?  I’m shutting it off.  I already know who I am voting for.  No need to to torture myself with debates and emotionally abusive characters.  It’s incredibly important to take care of ourselves when we’re inundated with such hostility.  Here are some ideas to help us turn it off and tune in to ourselves:

  1. Turn it off – the tv, the cellphone, social media networks, comments…turn off anything that gets your blood pressure up to 11.
  2. Breathe. Yes we do it everyday but on automatic.  Do you know what it is like to consciously sit and notice your breath?  Watching your chest rise and fall with each inhale and exhale? Lock yourself in the bathroom, closet, bedroom wherever you can have even a minute of silence and take deep breaths.  I’ll inhale as I count to 5, pause, and exhale as I count to 5. 
  3. Write – Get your feelings down on paper.  There is a sort of cleansing that comes with putting pen to paper.  It’s out of my head, it’s out of my heart, and I can move forward.
  4. Create the mood – I turn on my playlist of calm.  If I’m feeling really anxious I turn up the dance mix and dance myself into exhaustion.  I’ll grab my bottle of lavender essential oil and add a few drops to my diffuser.  Lavender not your thing?  I’ve heard that Lemon, Rose, or Vetiver essential oils also help to reduce stressful emotions. 

These are just a few self-care practices that I do to bring me back to my serene center.  What are some things that you do?


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