On an election

Yesterday, I had hope.  Today, I woke up in fear.  An American born woman of immigrant parents.  A woman of color.  A woman who believes I ALONE make decisions that regard MY body.  A woman who loves my LGBT family with ALL of my ❤️.  A woman who has been the victim of sexual assault.  A woman who has watched my government progress for my ENTIRE life and I am now frightened for the future.  But I will not be still.  I will not wait these 4 years out quietly.  I will not leave America when she needs me most.  Congratulations on winning the battle but you will not win this war.


Take care of yourselves.  Disconnect from social media.  Create a circle of support.  Talk to your neighbor because they feel it too.  We need each other.  We need to hold each other up and love each other so hard right now.  All of my family in the swing states that stood up and voted for freedom DON’T GIVE UP.  We are here with you.  We are fighting together.  Take care of yourself.  Cry, cry, cry when you need to.  Someone will be there to hold space for you.  Love and light 🙏🏾


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