You’re crying?!?!?

Today is another day of processing my feelings on this election. Prior to Election Day, the conversation was how do we connect with the disenfranchised voter supporting him?  We realized, here are a group of people who feel deserted and left behind.  It’s important to reach out and rebuild positive relationships.  The conversation was of genuine concern.  It was a conversation of inclusion.

Now that their representative has been chosen and half of America is terrified, I keep hearing “Suck it up”, “Shut up with your sense of entitlement”, “You’re crying?!?!?”, “When are you getting on that plane to Canada?” on and on and on.  Please don’t tell me you have not because I have.  I hear it. I read it.  Here is your opportunity to extend the olive branch instead you’re pouring salt in our wounds.

“You have people who are terrified, and you have to take some responsibility for it.”  Van Jones


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