Farewell 2016


I think we can all agree that 2016 was pretty shitty for the majority of us.  I would like someone to do a study on the amount of deaths this year compared to 2015.  Especially in regards to our beloved celebrities.  I am not a big celebrity gawker and could care less about some of these modern day celebs but I felt moments from my childhood drift away with each passing celeb.  I think that’s why it was so hard to see everyone go.

2016 taught us how fleeting life is.  Death.  From that burst of first breath, it’s the moment we’re living for.  Death is guaranteed.  We seem to forget that.  Or we seem to believe that we’re entitled to a long life.  The funny thing is, death has an agenda that we’re not privy to.  Am I being a bit maudlin?  I don’t mean to.  I’m just trying to understand the lessons from 2016.  I want to remember that we’re not guaranteed a tomorrow.  I want to create my legacy of love, light, passion, and truth.  I want to spend more time creating memories with my loved ones.  Maybe instead of a list of resolutions, this will be my mantra, my intention for 2017.

We need to live loudly.  We need to love passionately.  Hug harder.  Kiss a little longer.  Speak our truth. Spread peace.  Happy New Year.


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