I always railed against New Year resolutions. I was not jumping on the “New Year, New Me” bandwagon, puhleeze 🙄. 

 Idk what happened but an idea of community shifted my perspective. We make resolutions or create goals for ourselves during many personal milestones. Birthdays. Seasons changing. New job. New home. We make a promise to work towards something that will makes us better beings. The difference is, at the start of the new year, we’re all making that resolution together. Of course, we each have different ideas on what will make us blissfully better. Some of us want to lose weight. Some of us want to write that novel. Some of us want to try a new restaurant every month. 

It’s just humbling to know that on January 1st I wasn’t alone when I woke up and said, “Today is the day, I will honor my best self. Today is the day I work to achieve my goals.” And by doing so, maybe we’re making our community a better place too?


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