Wish I Knew Wednesday 

Tax season is officially over!!!! Hopefully it is for most of you 🤗
2016 was the first year I filed my taxes as an independent contractor.  Making the big leap to leave the 40 hour grind to start my yoga teacher training was thrillingly nerve-wracking.  Did I really just quit my job to do this? Did I really just drop all this money to do this? Am I really devoting an entire summer month to do this? Yup, I did.  The training was super intense! 200 hours of information jammed into my brain and body in a short period of time. I still return to my notes and learn something new every time.
Still something was missing that I never knew I needed.  I just wanted to learn more about the practice of yoga I had no intention of teaching. But as more opportunities presented themselves I found that I had no idea how to run this as a business.  My taxes were a big wake up call.  Luckily, I saved a lot of the paperwork I needed to complete them but I was still left questioning is this enough, too little, am I missing anything?  I went back to my training materials and noticed there wasn’t much on the business of yoga.  Get a resume. Get insurance.  Ok…wait, what? Nearly a year later I am still confused and have tons of questions.  So are many of my fellow new yoga teachers.  Why are there so many questions about the business side of yoga but minimal answers? And do all of the answers need to be interpreted by lawyers and accountants?  I wish I knew.  What I do know is I will share whatever I find because the business side of yoga is a reality and it’s not as scary as it seems.


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