I have to audition to TEACH YOGA?!?!

My first audition as a yoga teacher, I was terrified.  I hadn’t auditioned for anything since high school drama club.  I’m now sitting in a room of aspiring teachers waiting for the audition to start.  Was it only a few weeks ago that I celebrated my 200-hour graduation, how could I be here already?

The woman leading the audition makes an attempt at small talk by asking us how long have we been teachers.  Everyone is responding with a couple of years of experience and I squeakily utter, “I graduated a few weeks ago.”  Kill. Me. Now.  The leader matter of factly responds, “Most of the new graduates rarely get in if they don’t have a teaching background.  It’s not a problem.  It’s just that if you don’t have the experience you may need more time before you can teach here.  Don’t be offended if we tell you that.”  I’m ready to curl up and crawl out the door.  Did I mention that for the audition we were teaching as though we were in class?  We’d play the part of students while one of us taught the room.  Barf.  Knowing all of this I sacrificed myself offered to go first before I lost all courage and walked out.

Ok, auditions can put the most experienced of us on edge when we want the part bad enough.  And yeah, you do have to audition, no way around it unless the universe smiles upon you.  Here are some helpful tips to get you through an audition:

  • Become a regular at any studio where you wish to teach.  Getting to know the teachers and style of the studio will be the foot in the door you need to ace the audition.
  • Get info on what is expected of you at the audition.  Will you be the only one in the room? How much time are you being given? Do they want to see you teach a particular type of pose?
  • Practice your routine. Find a friend, ask your yoga mentor, offer a free class in the park…anything that will allow you present your sequence with confidence on judgment day.
  • Arrive early for your audition.  Give yourself time to check in, get a feel for what’s going to happen, and also calm any nervous energy rolling around inside you.
  • Even though this is a yoga audition, please dress appropriately.  Yes, athleisure is trendy and everyone loves stretchy pants but you want to command the attention of the room not look like you pulled your clothes out of the hamper.
  • Try to have fun!  Insane right?  I know but the more fun you can make this, the easier it will be on your nerves.  And if you forget something? You won’t beat yourself up or freak out in the middle of the audition.  You’ll be able to improvise your way through it.  Time will go so quickly it will be over before you know it!
  • Want to know something that helps me when I forget what I am supposed to do next?  I give a breath cue.  This helps not only the class but me too!  We take a moment and breath together which calms me down enough to remember my next step!

I made it through my 20-minute audition without dry heaving half way through it.  Did I make mistakes along the way? You better believe it.  I didn’t allow my missteps to get stuck in my mind preventing me from staying present.  I kept moving forward and before I knew it, my time was up.  I nearly collapsed on my mat with relief.  This was a learning experience no matter what the outcome.  I was relieved and happy that I had shown up for myself and did it.  A few days later, I received the happy news that I was officially a [paid] yoga teacher!!!!


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