It doesn’t end at 200 Hours

Your yoga training doesn’t end when you walk out with that 200 Hour Certification in your hand.  Oh no, my child.  Your training is just beginning.

Whether you cram your 200 hours on a beautiful island in 30 days or you spread it out over the course of a year, it is not enough.  Of course, it also depends on who you train with too.  If your studio has a special trademark sequence, if they are passionate about everyone being in proper alignment, if they focus on yoga for trauma, if they are devoted Bhakti practitioners, if they…….guess what?  That’s going to feature heavily in your training.  In fact, they’re going to base your training around that.  Love it ‘cuz if you don’t, you’re gonna feel out of place.

Now, back to what happens once the 200 hours are over and you’re standing in front of class thinking, “Wait…what? That was good but I could have been better.”  For this week’s “Wish I knew Wednesday” here are tips on how to continue on the svadhyaya (self-study) path:

  • Keep taking classes with YOUR teachers.  You’ll have a different perspective now that you’re a teacher.  You’ll notice how they sequence a class.  Fun ways to teach a pose.  Even noticing their different teaching styles can help you figure out your own.
  • I’ve mentioned this in a previous post and I will say it again, PRACTICE (sorry about the yelling).  Grab your fellow 200 hour grads and practice teaching to each other.  You’ll see if that sequence actually works, get feedback on your cueing, and nothing beats watching you and your buds bloom into awesome teachers!
  • Get a library card.  Become friends with the staff at your local bookstore.  You’re going to do a lot of reading.  A good place to start? Check out the shelves of your studio or ask your teachers for recommendations.  Think about what area of Yoga you really want to immerse yourself in and start there too.

What tips do you have to help expand our yoga knowledge?

Atha yogaanushasanam. Now, begins the teachings of yoga.
Yoga Sutras of Patanjali 1.1



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