I’m good. I don’t need insurance.

I stopped to check my email today (totally just wanting to procrastinate) and saw that it’s almost time to renew my liability insurance.  Liability insurance is a MUST if you’re even thinking about teaching yoga.  Maybe you just want to sub a few classes here and there? Get it.  Here are some reasons why:

  • Having insurance protects you if a student believes that you caused them harm whether or not you actually did
  • You live on a yoga teacher’s salary.  Unless you’re a major yoga celebrity, you probably can’t afford the expense of legal representation
  • Do not assume that you’re covered under your studio’s insurance plan.  It’s 100% likely that you aren’t.

What type of liability insurance should you get?  Talk to your school or do a web search for options.  Choose the plan that will work the best for you and your services.  Just don’t start teaching without liability insurance!



  1. Definitely gonna get some insurance for when I travel but I sure wish they weren’t so all over the place with it ;p


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