I’m good. I don’t need insurance.

I stopped to check my email today (totally just wanting to procrastinate) and saw that it’s almost time to renew my liability insurance.  Liability insurance is a MUST if you’re even thinking about teaching yoga.  Maybe you just want to sub a few classes here and there? Get it.  Here are some reasons why:

  • Having insurance protects you if a student believes that you caused them harm whether or not you actually did
  • You live on a yoga teacher’s salary.  Unless you’re a major yoga celebrity, you probably can’t afford the expense of legal representation
  • Do not assume that you’re covered under your studio’s insurance plan.  It’s 100% likely that you aren’t.

What type of liability insurance should you get?  Talk to your school or do a web search for options.  Choose the plan that will work the best for you and your services.  Just don’t start teaching without liability insurance!


2 thoughts on “I’m good. I don’t need insurance.

  1. The Smiling Pilgrim May 31, 2017 — 7:02 pm

    Definitely gonna get some insurance for when I travel but I sure wish they weren’t so all over the place with it ;p


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