Oh, you wanna steal my joy?


Hanuman is a mischevious monkey god in the Hindu mythology.  We all know monkeys are sneaky little buggers.  That is no surprise.  But the other gods were not. having. it. The gods were over Hanuman and the trouble he was getting himself into.  They were all, “Alright Hanuman.  You want to continue to act reckless?  Guess what? Snatch.  We’re taking your power away.  Snatch. We’re taking your memory away too.”  A punishment for being himself.  Hanuman soon had no memory of all that he was capable of.   How strong he was.  Who he really was.

We’ve been focusing on the Svadhistana Chakra at the studio this month and Hanuman’s story stood out to me in relation to this chakra.  The svadhistana chakra is located in our pelvis/hip area.  We store our emotions in this area.  We also repress any emotions to this area.  When someone steals our power to feel we stuff it way down, we lock it up, we freeze it.  Interesting because water is the element for our svadhistana.

Unfortunately for Hanuman, he was at the mercy of the gods that stole his true self.  We are not at the mercy of the people who stole our true selves from us.  Our true self, our emotions, our power, they are all still there waiting to be rediscovered.  We know this when we step on our mats to practice.  The moment we feel the song bubbling in our throat, the flow of tears, or letting go and dancing on the mat.  Our body is instinctively reclaiming our power.  Every time we honor the body’s release, that little ice kingdom in our pelvis melts a little more washing away the haters and thieves.




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