On an election

Yesterday, I had hope.  Today, I woke up in fear.  An American born woman of immigrant parents.  A woman of color.  A woman who believes I ALONE make decisions that regard MY body.  A woman who loves my LGBT family with ALL of my ❤️.  A woman who has been the victim of sexual assault….

Let’s take care of ourselves

I’m getting caught in the news cycle.  It’s been vicious and my sanity is bordering on nuclear reactor level meltdown.  I check many of the boxes for this targeted hatemongering.  My old wounds are reappearing after Friday’s revelations.  I have to stop.  The anger in me is leading to hatred and the hatred could lead…

She Who Blooms

Hi! Welcome to my blog She Who Blooms. I recently graduated with my yoga teacher certification and want to continue meeting fellow peaceful warriors 😉  I’m excited to share, learn, and grow on this spiritual path with you. -T.